Client Testimonials: Katie ~ Kelsey
I am so glad that I participated in the Natural Horsemanship Course at Triple D Ranch last summer.

I gained so much more than learning techniques for training yearlings/two year olds. I walked away from that class with sense of accomplishment, I felt very proud of myself for what my horse and I achieved. I gained self confidence, I learned to put myself out there to try new things and possibly fail but eventually succeed. I learned patience, to work with the horse that showed up that day. I also made some great friends.

Dena has an amazing attitude and a huge heart, not only for her animals but for everyone she comes in contact with. The bond nurtured between my yearling, Nugget, and myself was so great that he became an addition to my family. I can't think of a better way to spend your summer.

Thank you Triple D Ranch!!!

~ Katie
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Right off the bat, let me say that Dena Dorn is one of the truly special people in the world. Not only does she have skills, but has the ability to share those with others.

I count myself as extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to spend the summer learning about horses from her, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Dena can teach you everything you need to know about horses and ensure that you enjoy yourself while doing it. Her Natural Horsemanship clinic is a fun learning experience that not only broadens your knowledge of horses but spreads the benevolent methods that all horses deserve. Anyone, from a new equine-enthusiast like myself, to a wind-weathered cowboy, could come away from this class with new techniques and tricks that apply to their faithful steeds and project horses alike.

Though I still have a long way to go, I came away from this class with more horse-savvyness than I ever thought I could obtain in such a short time. I owe it all to Dena being a wonderful teacher and person. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world to ride the horse that you spent your time and sweat training, trust me.

There is not much more to say except that this class has been one of the most beneficial, educational, worthwhile, enjoyable, instructive, humbling, fun and just plain amazing experiences of my life! I learned more than I thought I could and that knowledge has been priceless.

~ Kelsey
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Client Testimonials: Katie ~ Kelsey
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