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Equine Boarding
We have your horse’s best interests at heart.  Room to run, good food, clean water, and a warm place to rest allows him to relax.  The atmosphere is friendly.  Many of our friends quickly get to know each other and go out on trail rides or organize a Sunday B-B-Q.   

Board includes endless hours of facility use, and an area for your tack and extra feed. 
Range deer on the riding trails We have several different trails that can be added together to create countless hours of riding fun.  There are mountain views, trails in the trees following the creek bed, hawks, eagles, deer, owls, and more. 

Always with safety in mind, we allow the riders to explore the land, bond with their horse, and enjoy every second.
  • $450/month
  • The 12’x 12’ stalls have automatic water troughs and feed bins with mats underneath.  These stalls come with pasture turn-out.
  • $450/month
  • The 16’x 32’ runs with a stall have automatic waterer, feed bins plus ample room to run around.
  • $450/month
  • The 14’x 14’ stalls have heated water trough and feed bins.  These stalls have pasture turn-out.
  • $300/month
  • With pasture boarding, the horses stay in the pasture.  There is a 14’x 37’ pole barn to protect them from the weather elements.
Special Services:
  • grooming/exercising 2x/wk $50/month, blanketing $2/day,
  • bedding $20/month (guidelines apply to allow for adequate stall maintenance),
  • grain/supplements $30/month or short term $2/day. 
Call us if you have any questions about these or other services you may need.
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Boarding ~ Training ~ Lessons ~ Other Services
Equine Training
  • $1,00/month

Includes board, feed and training five days per week minimum. Training methods are explained on the trainer's section of this site.

Titus in Training
Boarding ~ Training ~ Lessons ~ Other Services
Riding Lessons ~ Sorry, full at this time
We provide western riding lessons for the beginner, intermediate or experienced rider.  Our main areas of focus are . . .
Riding Lessons

trail riding, western pleasure, gymkhana (speed events), barrel racing, ranch versatility, and working cows. All involve natural horsemanship, and general knowledge of how to care for your horse. 

Our goal is to help each student, of any age, become proficient enough to someday have their own horse or to at least know how to take care of one.  You will catch the horse, brush, saddle, and ride.  Of course, the younger students will do as much as they are capable.

You are more than welcome to bring your own horse, or as available use one of ours.  We have horses for all different levels of riding ability.
  • $75/hour
  • $70/hour when you purchase a 6-10 lesson package.
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Boarding ~ Training ~ Lessons ~ Other Services
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Boarding ~ Training ~ Lessons ~ Other Services
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