Program Overview

  • We prepare students for successful careers involving horses or help to better individual relationships.

  • We provide a guided course. Our courses are consecutive.

  • Approval is required if only taking second or third course.

  • Classes are 3 to 4 hours, Saturdays, with supervised hands-on classes. Class begins promptly at scheduled time.

  • Labs are required for graduation; 4 hours a week. Sign up for labs anytime other than times scheduled for classes . Labs are used for observation, experience, and volunteer time. Get the very most out of this opportunity.

  • Occasionally, there is optional opportunity for additional programming. One horse will be assigned during your course term. We need to know in advance if there is a chance you might want to purchase your horse as all class horses are not for sale. We pride ourselves in matching students with their horses for the best possible learning experience.

  • Extra credit is given for any shows we take your horse to for additional practice, experience, and knowledge.

  • A Certificate is awarded upon completion of each course.

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The Academy of Natural Horsemanship

Academy of Natural Horsemanship is dedicated exclusively to preparing students for successful careers or individual relationships with horses. Career Emphasis Areas include Training, Teaching, Horse Health, and Barn Management. Students work to improve their own skill base and theoretical understanding resulting in the increasing capability to influence a horse to higher and higher levels of mental and physical accomplishments.

Academy of Natural Horsemanship’s name and reputation are slowly becoming respected by serious horse people throughout the world. Students from the ages of fifteen to early sixties have attended the school from all over. The Academy of Natural Horsemanship strives to provide a climate of learning in which each student may identify and accomplish his or her equine goals. We are committed to a hands-on teaching and learning process that will provide our students with the critical skills necessary to enjoy life-long relationships with their equine partners, whether it be for a career in the horse industry or a closer partnership on an individual level.

In the Academy of Natural Horsemanship program, students will:

  • 1. Acquire knowledge in general and specific areas of the horse industry which will enable them to understand and apply principles to equestrian careers and everyday horse communication. Courses contain information relating to the care and maintenance of horses and facilities.

  • 2. Develop skills necessary to function successfully in careers in the horse industry. Riding skills are developed in Western. Students progress through a carefully designed and executed program that takes them from their current horsemanship level through a sequential skill development program. Professional skills are developed in equine health, conformation, medicine, personality assessment, tack, and effective communication. These skills can be applied to various equine career choices.

  • 3. Formulate attitudes that will enable them to function with confidence with all equine disciplines. The students' understanding of the concepts and importance of life-long learning along with the development of an attitude of professionalism should enable them to function well with horses in their chosen Career Areas and to relate well with people in the industry.

Come enjoy a relaxed, professional learning environment that
promotes a positive relationship between horse and rider!

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Course Summary

  • Classes are Saturdays 3 to 4 hours: June, July, and August. Call for notification of exact dates available.

  • Classes are held 9:00 A.M. to noon

  • You can use your own horse.

  • Guest speakers will include a vet, farrier, dentist, and trainer.

  • Each course is designed to cover the fundamentals of Natural Horsemanship and will build through each lesson!

We will primarily focus on behavior, feet, haltering, leading "Getting a Try," Pressure "Moving the feet" and Trust through Touch "Grooming"

Our focus will progresss into longing - "round pen, controlled, free - at liberty", giving to pressure, disengage, standing "Calm," creative spook proofing "Standing and Moving," confidence, longing over and around obstacles

We will bring it all together with driving, saddling/tack, protective spook proofing, quite/calm, proper head gear, and riding

  • Course materials are provided

  • Certification Upon Completion!

  • Courses are $1,000 each or $2,750 for twelve sessions.

  • OR come for the day, $100 with or without horse

  • 50% deposit is required to reserve your place in the course.

We accept credit cards. Payments can be arranged on a case by case basis. Although reservation refunds are not possible, your satisfaction with this Academy is important to us! We are confident you will find that the courses will exceed your expectations!

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